Matej Lukáč

UX Designer & Developer


9 Stars, s. r. o.

A simple representative website for 9 Stars company. The site didn’t require the use a content management system. So I wrote a few lines of HTML code, add some CSS3 and Javascript and a new page was born. Part of the work was to provide the HTTPS protocol and create an info e-mail contact address.

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Tobi Group s.r.o.

Construction company Tobi Group s.r.o. approached me that their website was old, did not meet their expectations and they would like to make it a little more modern. We make a deal and after less than a month of work was created a new website. As always, this time as well I was use the WordPress content management system. This was chosen because of the simple management of the content, which should be regularly changed and updated on the site. HTML5 and SCSS were used to create the templates. The jQuery javascript library takes care of everything else.

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Geluk s.r.o.

Geluk s.r.o. is a company dealing with importing and exporting cars from abroad. In the past, they used third-party websites for advertising, but they decided to make a next step and to offer cars at their own website. My responsibility was to design the company logo and incorporate it into the complex website graphic. This was followed by creating a website and WordPress implementation. As the company trades worldwide, the website has 3 language mutations.

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Brezov´s health run

Brezov´s health run is a project with a couple of successful years. Additionally, the run is organised by my home village. This fact motivated me to create its own website. The main role of the website is to simplify work of organizers. For example, the web includes runners registration, registration confirmation emails, or run timekeeper, which is used during the run. The run timekeeper records and evaluates the runners final time automatically and displays it directly on the website. As usual, the web is „running“ on WordPress.

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Domaša Cottage

Simple, modern and clear – these are the words that describe the website for Cottage near the lake Domaša. I designed a reservation system that simplifies booking management. Website also displays actual dates of availability for rent and accommodation. Website is powered by WordPress.

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Legnotrade s.r.o. – Wood production

Legnotrade was a project that was a bit different from the other projects. We agreed with the client, that they provided a graphic side of the web and my role was to incorporate it to the final website. Website was written in HTML5 and CSS3, in some parts also jQuery was used. Final template was incorporated into the WordPress.

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Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera, the so-called “Tree of life“, is a high valued tree for its interesting substance. The purpose of the website I’ve co-worked on is to educate visitors about the positive effect of this plant to the human body. My role was to create a frontend of the website from pre-ready graphics.

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The Football club Veľké Bierovce – Opatovce

The management of the football club Veľké Bierovce – Opatovce do their job well. It could be seen on and also off the football pitch. They are no more informing fans only through social media networks. Instead, they decided to inform fans also through a new website. HTML template is written in the latest HTML5 a CSS3. For simple administration, the web has been incorporated into the WordPress.

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